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ISSU is chaired by Mrs. Kalpana Saxena and administered by Dr. Ajit A. Prasadam, the General Secretary, with an executive committee representing major denominations: the Church of South India (CSI), the Church of North India (CNI), the Marthoma Syrian Church, the Methodist Church in India, the Assemblies of God, independent churches, and so on.


Office Bearers

  1. President: Mrs. Kalpana Saxena

  2. Vice President: Rev. Dr. Jacob Cherian

  3. Treasurer: Rev. Jayasingh Vallal

  4. Associate Treasurer: Col. V. J. Cheriyan


Four members representing churches

  1. Rev. Pradeep Ahaley, Executive Secretary for Council of Education                                                                                                    and Christian Nurture, Methodist Church in India

  2. Rev. John Toppo, District Superintendent, Assemblies of God, Jharkhand

  3. Rev. James Cecil, Director, Department of Pastoral Concerns, CSI

  4. Rev. T. D. Jaya Prakash, AELC


Four members representing Sunday School Unions

  1. Mr. D. Krupadan Kumar, Baptist Church

  2. Mrs. Asiba Shradha Herenj, CNI

  3. Ms. Esther Sakunthala, Guntur Sunday School Union

  4. Mr. T. Solomon Selva Sekar, ALC



  1. Mr. Mohit James, Business

  2. Mr. Moses Prashant Rao, Entrepreneurial skills

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