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Karthirasan , Tamilarasi, and Karthikeyan’s parents were rag pickers. They lived in a dilapidated house. Economic and social deprivation has led to depression and alcoholism. The children, who were growing up in this context, strive to go to a nearby church-run middle school during the day and come to the Centre in the evenings. They (from left to right) are in standards IV, I, VI respectively.

Santhosh, who was in standard II, was from a dysfunctional family. His father abandoned his mother. She remarried and has other children. His tutors said that he was bright and takes initiative to make the most with the coaching given to the children.


Prathiksha, standard V, also comes from a dysfunctional family. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother, a daily wage worker, is the breadwinner. Prathiksha was concerned about her brother who had a heart problem. They were unable to make ends meet and find it difficult to pay for the treatment the brother requires. Young as she was there was an anxiety writ over her face. She too, against the odds, seeks to make the best of the opportunities for learning and growth.

Bharathkumar and Nithyashree both attend the sessions at the Centre. They had a history of absenteeism from school because of an ailing father. They need to look after him while their mother works as a daily wage labourer. Though she was in standard IV, Nithyashree was at the level of standard I because she was unable to be regular to school. Ever since they started coming to the Centre their attendance at school has gone up. The hope of education for her children motivated their mother to make alternative arrangements for her husband so that the children can get an education.

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